Monday, January 12, 2015

Rapid-fire with the Soul!

Often my mind bugs me! Asks me questions that I do not want to answers! Though I am a spiritual person by heart but do not get indulged in the deep issues based on conflicts & all. However I am curious enough to keep me little restless on hows and whys of certain basic logical stuff. And one thing for sure that I am not a gambler!

 I believe we are born with an expiry date. I know we would die anytime. There is no time to spare! Someone within talks to me! I think it's my Soul.

Soul that never lies.

I often depend on its guidance.

this Soul thingy knows exactly what it is but I being a human make fool of myself and hide beside the dark sheds of life & society & i can only do what is in my hands within closed doors of my safe house.
I read &read & read!
One day i then i asked myself to play a rapid fire round with me to see what’s going on in there?

Here we go……

Soul: - What is the biggest truth in the world?

Me:- life

Soul: - wrong. It’s DEATH!

Soul: - something that comes with no expiry date! what is it?

Me: Death again... I guess!! Is it?

Soul: - Its LIFE!
Soul:-let me tell you that you are a clever person than I thought!
Now tell me what is that one thing that is common in all the religions in this world?

Me:- The God

Soul: - &……….

Me:- Worship…

Soul: - &…………..?

Me:- fasting???

Soul: - lovely…..buck up.....fasting for what?

Me:- for forgiveness and blessings…

Soul: - bingo ...forgiveness from what &; why?

Me:- forgive sins and attain heaven!

Soul: - you are thinking buddy!! Off course all the religions from ever since we know they exist have one thing in common for sure is the HEAVEN and the HELL. So let me ask you one more thing before we continue. Are you a believer?

Me:- off course I am.
Soul:- So you know there is a God?
Me:- Yes definately there is a God!
Soul:- Where?
Me:- Up there in the heavens!
Soul:- do you want to be with him in the Heavens?
Me:- yes! who doesn't ?
Soul:- Yes how stupid of me! So you believe that after death you may get a ticket to heaven or a hell?

Me:- yeah in a way. Yes I think….. I hope!

Soul: - you think you will or you know you will?

Me:- well I try to do good things &  I assume I would.

Soul: - do you play gamble?

Me:- sorry?

Soul: - focus you play gamble?

Me:- no!! Never!!!

Soul: - hummmnnn...than why are you playing gamble with your life after death?

Me:- have you lost it? Who said I am?

Soul: - You just said that you are not sure that you will get heaven or not. Then it’s a gamble. Isn’t it? How will you assure that you will ?

Me:- They say….i will...

Soul: - who say?

Me:- They?

Soul: - they? Who?

Me:- Priest and the books & …

Soul: - which book? Which priest?

Me:- there are many..........

Soul: - Give Reference & be specific  please?

Me:- I have not studied and I don’t know on the top of my head......

Soul: - so you are guessing? meaning you are playing gamble! Are you not? What if you die just now? Ok another one..... Let me ask you …..Why are you following your religion?

Me:- because I am born in it & I have to.

Soul: - you say you are not a gambler how you would assure that you are following the right track? You are assuming that your track will take you to the heaven. What if; it doesn’t?

Me:- how one can assure dude? pepole dont come back to life and tell us the truth!

Soul: - suppose you are driving on the highway and you tune into a radio and hear that there is an accident on the road after few miles and there is a huge traffic jam. It’s better to take a diversion. What would you do?

Me:- off course I will take a different route. Who would not?

Soul: - because you are trusting the news? Is it not?

Me:- definitely.

Soul: - exactly! As an intelligent being you have to trust the source of your information before you follow.

Me:- how to test faiths?

Soul: - read all the faiths! Doable?

Me:- but!!!!! There are so many. Who has time to read man!

Soul: - wow! …. What is your educational qualification?

Me:- Masters in HR! 7 certified courses by world known institutions.

Soul: - hummmnn….that’s great...Meaning how many years did you study for that?

Me:- boy!!! Don’t ask me….almost 25 years! I had a tuff time to get this degree u see. Real bloody hard work. It’s not easy. You have to adjust your life. Your finance, you’re whole surrounding to get this. Really tuff and hard work ….but finally… at last I am a Masters in HR. with highest qualification with the grace of GOD.

Soul: - you have spent almost 25 yrs studying books that are written by human beings.

Me:- what a strange question. Obviously to get a great job and achieve a status and standard of living for myself and my family. I love them the most u see. For my own good. Everyone doe these days. It’s a competitive world you see. There are many in the quest who are ready to take the jobs. You have to be on an edge to achieve success in this life time.

Soul :-( silent…………paused….smiles)…hard work! right?

Me:- (annoyed a bit) Tell me why are you laughing at me?

Anyways…don’t ask me dude….from childhood onwards. English, math, science, physics, chemistry, biology, French, sociology, economics, Spanish, behavioral science …you don’t know the subjects,,, the depth and the hard work…these bloody long theories by N number of scientist. It’s a LOT to remember & qualify to be successful and compete in the rat race…..But tell me why u were laughing…

Soul: - not on you sweetheart….what an irony!!!!

Me:- what? What irony you are talking about?

Soul :-( ignores and continue...) tell me how many religions are there in the world?

Me:- Hinduism, Christianity, Jews, Buddhism, Jainism, etc. etc. etc.

Soul: - you can read the books written by humans but not the books given by the God!
 did you try to know or understand what is in them. What they have to say about the God and how to attain All Mighty?

Me: - why should I dude? I am a born Brahmin from an orthodox pandit family and belief system.


Soul: - what I want to say is that in order to do good in this short lived life you have studied N-number of subjects written by N number of scholars in different languages for 25 yrs.; where as you have not explored the books those are supposed to be written by the best of learned & pious messengers to convey the message of God in different languages for the different tribes in the different time zones. The books that can take you to the best and worst places after your Death…. Death that is certain & an  absolute truth of life.

What is not certain to you is the fact that which track is the best.
A frog in a pond don’t know that there is a life beyond. Being in your own limited circle of knowledge you don’t know what is beyond your knowledge.

Me:- why should I study other’s religion?

Soul: - are you scared that if you would know the truth you will leave your faith? Are you insecure about your faith that it might be shallow enough that can be threatened even by reading other books?

Me:- no...I am not insecure. I am a true believer in my faith. Why should I be insecure?

Soul: - if you are not then read!!!

Me:- read what?

Soul: - all the religions.

Me:- it’s a tuff job and infect a tedious job.

Soul: - remember you have spent 25 yrs. to make your life successful here in this world. Whereas you have to spent few days or few months to explore the majority of the books. Start at least if not finish…..

Me:- which one do you follow?

Soul: - I follow what you dont and wont unless you read…..

Me:- What??? What is that!!

Soul: - Eternal laws of Peace!Islam!

Me:- but people following Islam are terrorist mostly.

Soul: - don’t get into this trap. It’s a vicious circle of power, politics and money. Think about yourself. Just you. …..& just you...So!..... read…follow the religion…not the followers.
Because you came alone and you will go alone.

Me:- where shall I start from?

Soul: - from your own religion. Read Vedas, Geeta, Bible, Quran, Gurugranth Saheb. Read & compare. Find out which has more appeal & see for yourself what you find.
You know…. You don’t come with an expiry date. You don’t gamble either. Before it’s too late. Get a map to reach the final destination.

Me:- even if I say I will read but they are not in my language. Then??

Soul: - Is English your language?

Me:- No…

Soul: - French?

Me:- yeah I can understand!

Soul: - but you have learnt all these languages for a purpose to excel .right?

Me:- yeah! Off course!

Soul: - for reading these books you don’t have to even learn the language but read the translations recognized by the accredited institutions! I am sure u can do this to excel because you are the one with the wisdom!

Can u?

Will u?

Me:- let’s say I will start reading but why other religions?

Soul: - why not? There is only one God right?

Me:- right?

Soul: - but so many versions on how to reach and the puzzle is that you have to find the right, correct map that can give an answer to your questions and a way to live this life in a way that you be the BEST human being and you get on a way that will take you to the best place after Death! Even if you are gone leave the lessons learnt for your generations to come!

Me:- what if I get all the answers in my own religion and its text?

Soul: - you would know! God guides those with the wisdom! You are wise are you not?

Me:- hummnnnn?

Soul: - forget inhibitions and stigmas! Don’t if you don’t want to... at the end of the day you are accountable for your life here and thereafter. Thinking about people?

Me:- perhaps…no not really....

Soul: - are you sure? If you are sure that you are not afraid then why not just read.

Read to know;

Read to compare;

You don’t have to start to follow; you start to know; & compare & if convinced about any among the rest then give up your ways and follow what you find is right! Find your GPS to find your ways to make this life meaningful & ensure that life after death is beautiful too.

Me:- you seems to have known a lot on the God. Tell me what is GOD?

Soul: - what a beautiful question & remember; those who are bless with the wisdom; look for the truth!

To me God is one;

Absolute; Eternal;


Neither born; nor died;

Resembles none;

No beginning & no End;

Was there; will remain there;

Aakaar aur Vikaar se upar( formless and flawless)

Janam aur mratyu se pare(Beyond the life and the death)

Me:- why there are so many versions in religions?

Soul: - There was only one

But people caused sects.

Soul: - business! Power! Politics! Versions are created!

Me:- different languages too….

Soul: - & there was no tribe or a time where there was no messenger sent to deliver the message of God. That why you must read perhaps your message is routed not in your inbox find it in the junk box!

Me:- then why so many versions?

Me:- what do I do now?

Soul: - read! Judge, choose and follow that your brain and heart accepts!

There is only ONE GOD in all the religions! Absolute! Eternal! Neither born nor dead! Resembles none! Omnipresent!


HELP & reach your goals here and the world hereafter!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

ZabaAn- an Issue

ZabaAn ka pher-matters of the words
(Linguistic Communalism-An Issue)
 I often think that there is no communalism bigger than LINGUISTIC Communalism. It has poisoned human race since the time we have known human race. Having suffered from the same and coming out as a winner from the narrow thinking of being trapped with the words is an amazing feeling altogether. This divine & heightened place is that;  where you achieve humanity and the LORD of the worlds. 

Beyond language you can see the limitless & the crux of the words. Often meanings get dissolved in the ocean of linguistic hatred. I still remember my mom said once while she was losing the warmth of the life on the cold beds of the hospitals is that “ Beta Bhagwan tu ek hai bas saAmaj ke saath rehne ke liye USE alag-alag namon se bulate hain; mar ke sab ek jagah jane wale hain phir wo swarg ho ya narak” ( my child, God is one, we have to live in the society that’s why we call “IT” with the name; that we are taught from our childhood; otherwise after death we all have to go to the same place be it a Heaven or a Hell)

I now realize after 20+ long years of her death that she was beyond the language limits.

I have been hearing from my childhood a religious couplet “Tum bin aur na Duja;…..aas karun main jiski”. This is what I have learnt in my successive years “La Illah ILLalah”.

Look at the irony; people say this is a result of conversion into Islam.  Am I converted? Was I not the same person then; when I used to recite those couplets? What has changed now? I see the language only.

On the contrary if one use English; it’s considered “posh”.  Anyone saying  “GOD” is okay . there is no religious association as such; no body reacts. Instead it is called high class, posh language to use in today’s contemporary world.

Accept it or not I have experienced the secular status that English has acquired over the years. Is it not a planned move of the world to push certain languages in to the darkness of ages like Sanskrit and Hebrew?