Wednesday, November 13, 2013

ZabaAn- an Issue

ZabaAn ka pher-matters of the words
(Linguistic Communalism-An Issue)
 I often think that there is no communalism bigger than LINGUISTIC Communalism. It has poisoned human race since the time we have known human race. Having suffered from the same and coming out as a winner from the narrow thinking of being trapped with the words is an amazing feeling altogether. This divine & heightened place is that;  where you achieve humanity and the LORD of the worlds. 

Beyond language you can see the limitless & the crux of the words. Often meanings get dissolved in the ocean of linguistic hatred. I still remember my mom said once while she was losing the warmth of the life on the cold beds of the hospitals is that “ Beta Bhagwan tu ek hai bas saAmaj ke saath rehne ke liye USE alag-alag namon se bulate hain; mar ke sab ek jagah jane wale hain phir wo swarg ho ya narak” ( my child, God is one, we have to live in the society that’s why we call “IT” with the name; that we are taught from our childhood; otherwise after death we all have to go to the same place be it a Heaven or a Hell)

I now realize after 20+ long years of her death that she was beyond the language limits.

I have been hearing from my childhood a religious couplet “Tum bin aur na Duja;…..aas karun main jiski”. This is what I have learnt in my successive years “La Illah ILLalah”.

Look at the irony; people say this is a result of conversion into Islam.  Am I converted? Was I not the same person then; when I used to recite those couplets? What has changed now? I see the language only.

On the contrary if one use English; it’s considered “posh”.  Anyone saying  “GOD” is okay . there is no religious association as such; no body reacts. Instead it is called high class, posh language to use in today’s contemporary world.

Accept it or not I have experienced the secular status that English has acquired over the years. Is it not a planned move of the world to push certain languages in to the darkness of ages like Sanskrit and Hebrew?




Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kaath ki haandi

Ehsaan faramosh duniyan se gila kya karna,
sharafat ko kabhi hamari kamzori na samajhna.
kaath ki handi ek baar hi chuhle ki nazar hoti hai,
dubara phir kabhi bhoole se rukh es taraf nahin karna.

People often say “ kaam aane pe gadhe ko bhi baap banana padta hai”. I feel so strong about this cruel statement that comes from a very mean place

Duniya kaam aane pe gadhe ko baap banane ki misal deti hai. lekin ye misal koi nahin deta ki kya khubi hai gadhe main ki shayne log usko baap tak banane ke liye majboor ho gaye!

I see it as an absolute brilliance & innocence at the same time that gadhe ka estemal ho raha hai aur jo gadhe ko baap bana ke apni hoshiyari pe gad gad hote hain un kamjarf logon ko gadhe ki sharafat nazar hi nahin aati.

wo lalach ke kale chashme se sirf estaimal karne ke hunar pe kush hain. aur gadha kisi ke kaam aane ke punya se santusht hai!

Jai gadhe ki!

Monday, March 5, 2012


Hai karam tera ki es zarre ko tune nawaza
Na Jane kitni kashtiyon ko jisne sahil se lagaya
Rashk aur badguman majhi ki nafarmani bhi kya kahiye
Us hi zarre ko jala ke haath sekne ki kuwwat bhi le aaya

I wish to quote Mother Teresa’s final Analysis that says
“The Good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow,
Do good anyway.
Give the world your best anyway.
You see, in the final analysis, it is between you and God.
It was never between you and them anyway.”

Koi agar apke saath dil se agar achacha karta hai to wo apse kisi lalach ke awiaz main nahin karta. Wo apne aur apne Malik ki hidayat ke tehat karta hai. Aur aisa bhi nahin ki dhoka khan eke baad dard aur takfeel nahin hoti.

Magar shayad, Bhagwan uska phir hisaab rakh hi raha hoga.!


Thursday, January 19, 2012


You are GONE Pitaji. Here; I am sitting alone in my office. Recollecting the time I had spent with you in your last few days. Trying hard to understand HIS planning. HIS divine intervention to allow me to be with you in your last few days. It was beyond my imagination to even seek this time in my prayers. I knew it wasn’t that easy to be in your world again. But who is a better PLANNER than HIM? HE decided to bless me with your company in your last few days & more importantly in your last few hours. I could not be with you all those years but my GOD knew that I deserved this time with you.

And yet again; HE made me realized that HE is there for me. I met you. I spoke to you. Heard you & your innocent desires for “curd and papaya”. I was with you in those last few hours prior to your final departure. You were shining like a star. Perhaps this is what they call it “NOOR”. I saw the same bright & divine light on Maa on her last day. I did not see you as handsome as you were looking on your last day. There was a heavenly excel on your face. You were relaxed as never before. Your calm and composed body posture gave me trust for a new lease of life. I was sure that you have got an extension to attend Priya’s wedding. Seeing you without those scary medical monitoring equipments was a delight.

You gave me that confidence to leave you without worrying. Now I understand the meaning of your detached, quite and cold behavior. There was something more to your comfortable see off. You wanted to say something but I asked you not to talk. I rather asked you to keep “maunvrat” & you heard it so sincerely. You heard whatever little bit I said about Geeta Vani. You often don’t listen to what we say; but that day you were so obedient. You quietly heard everything that I said. You were rather disinterested towards your surroundings. Sorry I could not get you a jumper in the ICU. I knew you were feeling cold but I did not know that coldness was due to that ruthless utter coldness of the death; that was about to overshadow your warmth. I bought those warm blankets for sadqa but never realized that first blanket will be offered to your ice like body.

Your stiff, cold body, wrapped in a white cloth brought back home. Seeing you so helpless was an unconvincing site. Vocal cords did not burst; I wonder why. I tried to rub your body to give you some comfort & the warmth you needed the most; but I failed. Perhaps that hour; your body needed the holy fire to get warmth from. They took you out of my site; out of our ancestral house, through those historical streets to your final destination in this world; The Shamshan Bhumi. I was left in the middle of that narrow street; along with my sobbing sisters; looking at your empty cage where you had spent your lonely life without Maa. You reached where you ultimately wanted to reach for last 18 long years. You used to visit Shamshan without a fail; as if, you knew that it was the only EXIT from this world to meet your beloved Savitri. Finally you merged into the fire, the soil & the water. You disappeared as if you were never there.
Here I am; sitting in my office; grieving, repenting, thinking that what were the things; that I could have done differently for you. I have a long list of confessions. I am sorry for hurting you. Sorry for not being there for you when you needed me the most. Sorry for all the pain I have caused you; knowingly or unknowingly. I pray for your MUKTI with a heavy heart; knowing you loved me enough to forgive me for my disobedience & mischief.

I am sitting here seeking answers to my innocent questions on life and death. I know that all of us will get our answers because it’s not too far to get there where you are today. May Almighty bless you with the best of HIS treasures. I have sensed that you are in a better place than where you were before. I am sitting here alone and praying for your good The End.
Pitaji; bless me with your forgiveness and stay in peace wherever you are.

Your Shaitan Beti
January 19,2012

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Deauville Paris

Miles over miles passing by
Gray dark roads & timid lights
Time stands still my heart goes by
Tired scared Gloomy eyes
Miles over miles passing by
Fearful dreams of the world un-known
What lays next
Nothing known at all
Riding alone Rising alone
Fighting my fears on my own
Miles over miles on & on
Ray of hope only the GOD
Relentless prayers
The only Source
Let myself go on & on
Riding life Roopa alone

Five Star

A haunted place in a beautiful land
lovely decor yet lonely sand
Fine Dine options with well tonned hosts
Welcoming beds yet death like cold
Abondoned rooms with a glittery rugs
This is a place with a Five Star tag

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Defeated Soul

My niece’s classmate committed suicide. He could not bear class 12th exam stress and opted for an easy escape. I don’t know who he was. But still I feel for him from the bottom of my heart.

it's from me; to all; on ur behalf:-

Mum’s desires were too high,
My tiny mind was too shy.

Dad’s dreams were far too big,
My modest hands couldn’t deal.

Rat race was blind,
My slight foot couldn’t climb

The rest of them all were ahead,
My ghostly fears pushed me back.

Glimpse of the light outshine sometimes,
I see dark circles always besides.

How can I cope up with it all?
Let me go with my defeated soul.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lessons that I have learnt from the life in a form of my very own personal quotes!

"Days are not bad or good! They are stationary! we change our outlook everyday"

"Smallest things can bring happiness in our lives and marvelous things can cause us grief"

"Take the ownership of your life & stop complaining"

"Bad luck is not a destiny but an outcome of a bad decision"

"Accept & respect your failure then only you can move on"

"Zero expectations from other is an eternal revelation"

"Expect only from your own self first and thereafter God Al Mighty"

"Fear Death and then act you will commit almost no sin"

"Regret is a living curse; get over it as soon as u can."

"Forgive yourself first then only God will forgive you."

"We are not always right, discussions and sharing can save us from hell; in this life and life after death"

"Untreated wounds turn into cancer, don’t hide your sorrows share with your friends and family"

"We craft our lives, if it is not going the way we want, we are at fault and need to take corrective actions"

"Dreams are never impossible otherwise they would have never come at all"

"Jeevanchakra is ever rotating! There is death to every life and there is an end to every sorrow. There is laughter for every cry. If you are crying, next for you is happiness."

"We eat even if we are not hungry; why not laugh even though you are not happy."

"Celebrate failure and it will die it's own death."

"I am good. I am happy. I am able. I can. I will ……are part of you & can do wonders."

"Harsh things with harsh ways can spoil everything. Harsh things said with a smile can let you set free in a style."

"Love is notorious in teenage. Vulnerable in 20s, gets matured in 30s & the journey is on…."

"Never hide your pain from your own people they may not be able to do everything but definitely can share the grief; the challenge is that you should know who they are"

"Unfortunate people cannot make out who is their friend and who is their enemy"

"Unfortunate are those who do not have friends & family; most unfortunate are those who have them all but still cannot identify them"

"Your own people are like your own shadow, even if you don’t see them sometime, they are there."

"Don’t borrow more than your earnings"

"God gave us children to exercise our patience and enjoy our lives at the same time"

"Have I done enough? is a fantastic question & if the answer is yes! You have! So chill and relax!

"Lack of long-term vision & in-action will kill your success in the midway"

"Do one thing a day to pamper yourself"

"Whenever you are low, go for your best time pass activity"

"Setting vision is not important enough, action is the key!"

"What's next for me? This question will always keep you going"

"Pay in charity, it will give you over all satisfaction"

"When it comes to heart & feelings let your mind judge first what is right and wrong"

"Life & people are not always black and white"

"Don’t react with the mean people in a mean way, you are better than them, so behave humane"

"God will take your rightful revenge so don't bang your head over it & move on; for HE knows the best and will take it in a more elaborate manner"

"Age is not at all a criterion to take right decisions"

"Parents can be wrong and we should accept them as they are with their shortcomings"

"Money causes the biggest mirage in the world"

" Death is a biggest truth of the Life"

Roopa sharma hasan
July 29, 2009